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Oswald LeWinter

Prof. Dr. Oswald LeWinter
Lisboa, Portugal

"To Encircle the Center" - Poems, 1959
"A Horse of Air" - Poems, 1962 (nominated for Pulitzer Prize)
"Shakespeare in Europe" - Essays, 1964
"This Powerful Rhyme" - More Shakespeare Essays, 1964
"The Ruined Tower" - Essays, 1965
"Desmantelar A America" - Essays, 2001, in Portuguese
"Democracia e Secretismo" - Essays, 2002

Coolbrith Prize (Poetry) 1959
Asher Prize (Poetry) 1962
Fellowship of the American Philosophical Society, 1964
International Rilke Prize, 1997
Nominated for Pushcart Prize, to be announced 2004

More than 100 poems published in: Shenandoah, Sewanee, Contact, the noble savage, Epoch, The Adelphi, Argonaut, Hudson Review, Paris Review, The Literary Review, Prairie Schooner, Beloit Poetry Journal, New Mexico Quarterly, Snakeskin, Richmond Review, Semit, Tarpaulin Sky, Niederngasse, Avvenimenti (Rome), Botteghe Oscure, Kuerbiskern (Germany), Chelsea, Absinthe Literary Review, Ygdrasil, Eclectica, Mississippi Review, Marlboro Review, Blue Fifth Review, Omega Magazine, Quarterly Review of Literature (Singapore), and many more.

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