Amarillo Bay 
 Volume 16 Number 2 

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Champion, LaurieInfield FlyFiction1-1
Roy, JudeLetter 1: Mene, Mene, Tekel, UphersinFiction1-1
Kenney, JohnSwayFiction1-1
Johnson, RobertPiratesFiction1-2
Greenfield, Irving A.SonnyFiction1-2
Denham, LauraWipeoutFiction1-2
Ronnquist, UlfI Killed HemingwayFiction1-3
Must, DennisMechanicFiction1-3
Steinman, SandySmellFiction1-3
Kassel, ChrisChucky LeyFiction2-1
Watson, KevinHallowed GroundFiction2-1
Dickinson, CharliePresident, He Slept Here, TheFiction2-1
Hathaway, William T.Ban Me ThuotFiction2-2
Williams, M. LeeBearing False WitnessFiction2-2
Greenfield, Irving A.He and IFiction2-2
Sterne, MelvinCouch, TheFiction2-3
Lisk, Thomas DavidSnapshots of a DreamFiction2-3
Gurley, JasonMyth of Loneliness, TheFiction2-4
Palcewski, JohnWild Pig, AFiction2-4
Halliday, DavidBag Woman, TheFiction3-1
Leslie, NanBone YardFiction3-1
Palcewski, JohnGraffitoFiction3-1
Dickinson, CharlieLa MoscaFiction3-2
Sterne, MelvinSnipe HuntingFiction3-2
Marek, KierstenFloatingFiction3-3
Mulligan, J.B.MikeFiction3-3
Garner, JonathanLittle JackFiction3-4
Geyer, AndrewLooking for a MiracleFiction3-4
Greenfield, Irving A.Man to ManFiction3-4
Gurley, JasonListening to GodFiction4-1
Breeden, DavidNom de CritiqueFiction4-1
Cook, KennethStrange WatersFiction4-1
Sherwood, SteveAssassinationsFiction4-2
Dees, Diane E.Rules of the RoadFiction4-2
Clift, G. W.Center for Advanced ThoughtFiction4-3
Routen, ElizabethFar Distant Place, AFiction4-3
Greenfield, Irving A.I'll Go No More A Roving With You Fair MaidFiction4-3
Polisar, LisaDuck Charmers of Moorhead, TheFiction4-4
Meister, EllenMrs. Esserman's EggsFiction4-4
Quinn, DavidScoring with the SaintsFiction4-4
Cronin, KeithBlack Lights and Breast MilkFiction5-1
Greenfield, Irving A.Pigeon FeedFiction5-1
Stephens, Martine L.ThornsFiction5-1
Williams, StevenCombo #9Fiction5-2
Eidswick, JohnDaughters of Hiroshima, TheFiction5-2
Woods, ChristopherFawn, TheFiction5-2
Quinn, DavidHome ForeverFiction5-2
Kersey, EmFallen SoldierFiction5-3
Vitello, SuziGraceful Plumber, TheFiction5-3
Breeden, DavidLeslie Stops the Whole Damn FuneralFiction5-3
Daniels, Susan FabrySeventh Period SalvageablesFiction5-3
Shaeffer, CraigFather's FuryFiction5-4
Snoek-Brown, SamuelDistanceFiction5-4
Prochaska, EricLong-term MaintenanceFiction5-4
Mauk, CourtneyHidden PiecesFiction6-1
Holder, NoraIll Wind, AnFiction6-1
Pesa, RobertLove TriangleFiction6-1
Schwartz, TobyBlue SummerFiction6-2
Smith, R.A.Interview with a JoggerFiction6-2
Moore, BrianPiss PoorFiction6-2
White, Lowell MickTailsFiction6-2
Boroff , LindaAngie Gets a Job Fiction6-3
Newton, Steven MarshallNothing But A KissFiction6-3
Greenfield, Irving A.Poor Player, AFiction6-3
Biswas, RumjhumRoom Full of Presents, AFiction6-3
grist, michael johndeathwatchFiction6-4
Millas, TimPiecesFiction6-4
Lisk, Thomas DavidVisit to the Artist's Mother, AFiction6-4
Wallace, DavidCrosswalk, TheFiction7-1
Tassie, LeaFishing ExpeditionFiction7-1
Kotzin, Miriam N.Resting PlaceFiction7-1
Turner, BillResting PlaceFiction7-1
Kasperek, RitaBetter Place, AFiction7-2
Long, AllenCommon GroundFiction7-2
Greenfield, Irving A.Hash Brown PotatoesFiction7-2
Dalrymple, TerryDistanceFiction7-3
Geyer, AndrewLove in Dead LanguagesFiction7-3
Kamei, Toshiya A. (Trans.)Soldier, TheFiction7-3
Montes, Manuel RamosSoldier, TheFiction7-3
Kotzin, Miriam N.At the Set TimeFiction7-4
Dugan, SusanInfantile ParalysisFiction7-4
Chaney, GaylaPiracyFiction7-4
Allen, JoshuaShooting PheasantsFiction7-4
Pearson, MarlysFull HouseFiction8-1
Silverman, PaulManny by the SeaFiction8-1
Spencer, MarkTrespasserFiction8-1
Bastable, MarkBeing EloiseFiction8-2
Powell, Gary V.Delivering The GoodsFiction8-2
Wexelblatt, RobertRio Rosa Crisis, TheFiction8-2
King, DavidWatching The FacesFiction8-2
Hall, GregEarly RetirementFiction8-3
Landrum, David W.Girl Who Knew Nick Drake, TheFiction8-3
Wooley, BrendaOne Day at a TimeFiction8-3
Chaffee, JimMeat PuppetFiction8-4
Gallagher, SeanMizpahFiction8-4
Grinberg, NatashaS. O. S.Fiction8-4
Brown, KevinStanding EightFiction8-4
Hutchinson, K.C.FloatingFiction9-1
Wexelblatt, RobertIrretito AnimaeFiction9-1
Spencer, MarkLove HollowFiction9-1
Coburn, AndrewVegasFiction9-1
Millas, TimDemiFiction9-2
Baker, JohnGetting To Know the NeighborFiction9-2
Evtimova, ZdravkaMarkoFiction9-2
Gridley, SamShame of What We Are, TheFiction9-2
Hathaway, William T.SpinningFiction9-2
King, A. S.Can You See Lois Gardening?Fiction9-3
Howerow, LouisaClimb, TheFiction9-3
Lee, Catherine J. S.Hard RainFiction9-3
Parrish, Anne LeighLilyFiction9-3
Greenfield, Irving ARomanceFiction9-3
Boatwright, Alice K.Behavior ModificationFiction9-4
Bondoni, GustavoFraternitéFiction9-4
Labin, ClaudiaLetter, TheFiction9-4
Whitmire, Duncan MacCarthyGrandma CassFiction9-4
Yates, DennisDay, TheFiction9-4
Reilly, TimothyForza Del Destino, LaFiction 10-1
Daniels, Susan FabryGin Mill TigersFiction10-1
Fredd, D. E.Green-Eyed Monkey Business, TheFiction10-1
Kaplan, Barry JayLittle Friend, TheFiction10-1
Wexelblatt, RobertOn the Boughs Our Bodies Shall Be StrungFiction10-1
Segall GrantComfort of Her Old Age, TheFiction10-2
Landrum, David W.Loss of Good, TheFiction10-2
Quinn, DavidOnce is ForeverFiction10-2
Lubow, MikeSaturday in the MindFiction10-2
Bomer, PaulaWhere We Come FromFiction10-2
Galeazzi, JeannieBedfellowFiction10-3
Sanville, TerryCambriaFiction10-3
Northrup, DeannaComfort FoodFiction10-3
Harding, CurtisRare BooksFiction10-3
Waldman, HowardUnaccompanied CelloFiction10-3
Boatwright, Alice K.Chrissy on EarthFiction10-4
Gridley, SamDennison of the DeepFiction10-4
Cummings, John MichaelGolden OpportunityFiction10-4
Wright, MichaelIt's So EasyFiction10-4
Guthrie, ChrisJudge Roy BeanFiction10-4
Powers, WilliamAlpha MaleFiction 11-1
Gallo, LouisIn TowFiction 11-1
Wexelblatt, RobertUrbs Fabula Sine Argumentum Est
(The City Is a Novel Without a Plot)
Fiction 11-1
Kahrs, Elizabeth EsseWindow, TheFiction 11-1
Bastable, MarkAmid the Alien CornFiction11-2
Poppen, RogerConfessionFiction11-2
Gunn, BobFields of DreamFiction11-2
Silverman, PaulKingFiction11-2
Fredd, D. E.Sunday Night SmackdownFiction11-2
Goodwin, AnneGood News, TheFiction11-3
Spencer, MarkHungry Dogs, Wild PigsFiction11-3
Erpf, RebeccaRemoteFiction11-3
MacKenzie, Lily IonaResurrectionFiction11-3
Kass, JeffWe Could Be Dreams for Each OtherFiction11-3
Kotzin, Miriam N.ComfortFiction11-4
Goity, RolandGenevieveFiction11-4
Halford, SarahParadiseFiction11-4
Haycock, BrianAlaskaFiction11-4
Hunter, SheriNo Place for ImbecilesFiction11-4
Rivera, LoraAfter Toast and CakeFiction12-1
Reilly, TimothyAnalysis of Dreams, TheFiction12-1
Ward-Horner, YvetteIn Search of BiswasFiction12-1
Regenspan, DavidPossumFiction12-1
Wexelblatt, RobertRomanzaFiction12-1
Powell, Gary V.All the Naked WomenFiction12-2
Ruden, JenniferJoseph's CarFiction12-2
Myers, AlexPut It TogetherFiction12-2
Tebo, MikeWheelsFiction12-2
Coyle, MarieAccident, TheFiction12-3
Poppen, RogerJesus or JujuFiction12-3
Dugan, SusanSafe HavenFiction12-3
Milford, CarrieTexture of a Moment, TheFiction12-3
Jespers, RichardU Askt If I Was AlrightFiction12-3
Harmon, KennethAmsterdamFiction12-4
Spencer, MarkBefore It's Too LateFiction12-4
Hecox, KerriCicadaFiction12-4
Levine, JessicaMarriage TriptychFiction12-4
Levine, LennyWith a TwistFiction12-4
Landrum, David W.Bambuko'sFiction13-1
Gerry, SusanEnlightenmentFiction13-1
Wexelblatt, RobertPredicament of Otto Ratalli, TheFiction13-1
Lyons, MarkSecurity RiskFiction13-1
Holmes, MargaretFake Boyfriend of my Crazy August, TheFiction13-2
Gill, RhondaHalf Full CircleFiction13-2
Kotzin, Miriam N.HoopsFiction13-2
Teel, LeslieKenny Luzader Will Outlive Us AllFiction13-2
Scalia, RosaliaStumbling Toward GraceFiction13-2
Bell, Carolyn LightAll He Saw Was SummerFiction13-3
Friedman, SondraHardwiredFiction13-3
Day, Lucille LangOrdinary BehaviorFiction13-3
Masters, GeorgeRosalitaFiction13-3
Powell, Gary V.Trinity'sFiction13-3
Vannatta, DennisFair WomenFiction13-4
Davenport, StephenLast Visit, TheFiction13-4
Gulbranson, JeanneOn the Streets of San MiguelFiction13-4
Curelop, JonathanScenes in a Minor KeyFiction13-4
Lutvig, RichardAgnes at 100Fiction14-1
Boatwright, Alice K.And the Part of Me Will Be Played by Marilyn MonroeFiction14-1
Danahy, JohnAppearancesFiction14-1
Waldman, HowardFarewell to Paradise LaneFiction14-1
Johnson, GretchenNegotiating the TermsFiction14-1
Gerry, SusanAnonymousFiction14-2
Greenberg, DinaBeaver PondFiction14-2
Goodwin, AnneIn the InterimFiction14-2
Smith, Louise FarmerGloryFiction14-3
Misangyi, MinkaHaystacks, TheFiction14-3
Gannon, PeterSuckin' DieselFiction14-3
Hancock, DavidWaxed ChipmunkFiction14-3
Nealon, TheresaWhen I See HerFiction14-3
Agins, Phyllis CarolAll About SexFiction14-4
Rud, R. M.Below YokunFiction14-4
Greenfield, Irving A.His House in OrderFiction14-4
Yohe, JohnUmbrellasFiction14-4
Chehak, Susan TaylorWitnessFiction14-4
Dalrymple, TerryBrenda with SkinFiction15-1
Frankel, Alex M.Demons of the RiverFiction15-1
Wexelblatt, RobertHsi-wei's LetterFiction15-1
Goodwin, AnneSilver BanglesFiction15-1
White, Lowell MickSomething Else Finally HappenedFiction15-1
Jollay, DeanArt AppreciationFiction15-2
Dunn, Mary BessCertain Kind of Mother Fiction15-2
Barlier, CécileDoor Test, TheFiction15-2
Riekki, RonERFiction15-2
Millas, TimMad BaumerFiction15-2
de Rham, WilliamEddie Mara and the Knights of the 99Fiction15-3
Prespare, Deborah S.Moment in the Sun, AFiction15-3
Bentley, DickNot There They're NotFiction15-3
Artukovich, AlexSelf-PerceptionFiction15-3
Must, DennisWhat Are You Doing in my Father's House?Fiction15-3
McGaffin, PamCreature ComfortsFiction15-4
Wise, GuinotteExhuming Captain MidnightFiction15-4
Hanway, Nancy ScottReader, I Divorced Him: Famous Literary Couples Untie the KnotFiction15-4
Malartre, Jules-PierreRest Was Easy, TheFiction15-4
Meier, George AugustAnd HomeFiction16-1
Cohen, Janna BrookeCampaigningFiction16-1
Davenport, StephenMotorcycle SundayFiction16-1
Glassburn, KathleenRoman-Irish BathsFiction16-1
 Creative Nonfiction
White, James P.On David Scott MiltonCreative Nonfiction1-1
Bradley, JerryRemembering Jim CorderCreative Nonfiction1-1
Jacobsen, Martin M.Nickel, ACreative Nonfiction1-2
Jordan, MarieOld Man Leaves The Party, An: An Essay on Mark StrandCreative Nonfiction1-2
Robb, Gregory J.Sounding the AlarmCreative Nonfiction1-2
Smith, J.D.Pornographic Dream, TheCreative Nonfiction1-3
Hathaway, William T.Wolf CountryCreative Nonfiction2-2
Dickinson, CharlieMy Wal-Mart SalvationCreative Nonfiction2-3
Bennett, PatrickPenman in Public Places, ACreative Nonfiction2-3
Hall, H. PalmerAsh Wednesday: a Meditation on T.S. and my StudentsCreative Nonfiction3-1
Dees, Diane E.Coaching in the ZoneCreative Nonfiction3-2
Hathaway, William T.New Beginning: Jews Return to Germany, ACreative Nonfiction3-2
Moore, LadLeapfrogging Pool, TheCreative Nonfiction3-3
Bradley, JerryDon't Dance — Don't Wanna:
A Twelve-Step Approach to Country-and-Western Dancing
Creative Nonfiction3-4
Strickland, JamesBook of the Dead, TheCreative Nonfiction4-1
Wilson, Ian RandallWhy I Am HidingCreative Nonfiction4-1
Hopes, David BrendanCruising PrincetonCreative Nonfiction4-2
Olsen, W. ScottRoad NotesCreative Nonfiction4-2
Kesler, RussellRed Boat, TheCreative Nonfiction4-3
Pachecano, RobertoTwo Days in SeptemberCreative Nonfiction4-3
Valdata, PatriciaHouse HuntingCreative Nonfiction5-1
Upham, SondraClowns of the HeartCreative Nonfiction5-2
Moore, LadVindicating the KaiserCreative Nonfiction5-2
Ryan, Jenny RoseFrederic Family DaysCreative Nonfiction5-3
Wilson, Ian RandallLooking for Me Creative Nonfiction5-4
Lee, James WardHydrogen Bomb DaysCreative Nonfiction6-1
Sanderson, JimLearning Rules About Courtship: What's Wrong With MeCreative Nonfiction6-1
Kline, Sherri LinnSoul SearchingCreative Nonfiction6-2
Leibold, Robert W. Jr.Trading Game, TheCreative Nonfiction6-2
Hochman, Will"Note To The Difficult One, A":
How Reading and Writing a Poem Becomes A Teaching Essay
Creative Nonfiction6-3
Thurman, Suzanne R.Slippery Slope of Meaning, TheCreative Nonfiction6-3
Gitelman, BetsyWisdomCreative Nonfiction6-3
Jerroll, A. C.Why We Mate: Wisdom from an African Bush CampCreative Nonfiction6-4
Casey, Kevin K.City RebornCreative Nonfiction7-1
Johnson, RebeccaThree Days At RiskCreative Nonfiction7-2
Scroggins, DarylFilm Making Techniques of Dead People, TheCreative Nonfiction7-3
Scroggins, DarylOdd HarvestCreative Nonfiction7-3
Scroggins, DarylRuling out a Brain TumorCreative Nonfiction7-3
Kurecka, ElizabethBaby CoosCreative Nonfiction7-4
Spears, RebeccaCultivating Pomegranates and FigsCreative Nonfiction8-1
Martindale, Hellena K"Thank God For My White Man"Creative Nonfiction8-1
Seale, Jan EptonSafe in the Arms of TrainmenCreative Nonfiction8-2
Chaffee, JimOpinionated Take on Opinion, AnCreative Nonfiction8-3
Johnson, RebeccaOn a Wing and a DareCreative Nonfiction8-4
Parkinson, AnnWhite Picket FencesCreative Nonfiction8-4
Underwood, HeatherCome Back With That Baby!Creative Nonfiction9-1
Lodge, Barbara StrausDa NileCreative Nonfiction9-2
Yonek, JohnThursday's ChildCreative Nonfiction9-2
Freeman, EricPrayers of the ElderCreative Nonfiction9-3
Peacy, TammyCleaning Away CrazyCreative Nonfiction9-4
Sapp, VickiOILCH: A Mini-Mock Epic in ProseCreative Nonfiction10-1
Sanderson, SummerGiving Up the SharpsCreative Nonfiction10-2
Fail, GailTwo Tall TalesCreative Nonfiction10-3
Segura, Judith GarrettJohnson's Bayou: A Six-Generation MemoirCreative Nonfiction10-4
Green, JoshObligation, TheCreative Nonfiction10-4
McAtee, MarjorieBest Fish, TheCreative Nonfiction 11-1
Krosschell, JimWalking on Ash PointCreative Nonfiction11-2
Rubell, Jonathan IsaacPoseidon's AssociateCreative Nonfiction11-3
Banowsky, Lynn H.W., M.D.Penalty of SuccessCreative Nonfiction11-4
Rynearson, MarjieDeep Sea FishingCreative Nonfiction12-2
Waters, JesseGötterdämmerungCreative Nonfiction12-2
Banowsky, Lynn H.W., M.D.Molly's WarCreative Nonfiction12-3
Attardo, SalvatoreSpanking Machine, TheCreative Nonfiction12-4
Hoare, TimothyPeanut Butter Odyssey, Part 1: Chiang Rai: The Creative Nonfiction13-1
Hoare, TimothyJapanese Refrigerator Incident, Part 2: The Creative Nonfiction13-1
Hoare, TimothyPatawngo Connection (A Fantasy), Part 3: The Creative Nonfiction13-1
Esparza, AndreaThere's an App for ThatCreative Nonfiction13-2
Bellin, MyraLaunchedCreative Nonfiction13-3
Dockrell, CynthiaBand PracticeCreative Nonfiction13-4
Hauck, CoralEcho Fever/Birmingham 1964Creative Nonfiction14-1
Stith, MatthewStepmother's DayCreative Nonfiction14-2
Boyd, James WarrenSnowman #4Creative Nonfiction14-3
Adelman, Tamara K.Beth, Make Me Some EggsCreative Nonfiction14-4
Greenfield, Irving A.Three Nights in a ShelterCreative Nonfiction15-1
Serda, DalelNature of Pimps, TheCreative Nonfiction15-2
Kaplan, RosalindLafitte and other SecretsCreative Nonfiction15-3
Caldwell, TimothyScooter, TheCreative Nonfiction15-4
Vered, MeganYom Kippur vs. the GiantsCreative Nonfiction13-4
Fairfield, A. SusannahCalendar Year, APoetry1-1
Rothfork, JohnDonny Does E-mailPoetry1-1
Ingalls, HunterMany MansionsPoetry1-1
Johnson, RobMost Beautiful Woman in the World, ThePoetry1-1
Sutherland, David HunterMohorovicic Continuity, ThisPoetry1-1
Reposa, Carol CoffeeSummer SkyPoetry1-1
Williams, SonnyVillanelle for the WindPoetry1-1
Ingalls, HunterWindy LaundryPoetry1-1
Lietz, RobertWorking TerritoriesPoetry1-1
Rothfork, JohnDonny Does E-mailPoetry1-2
Rothfork, JohnDonny Does E-mailPoetry1-3
Buck, Janet I.Faint Collage, APoetry1-3
Hewett, SherryGettin' BuyPoetry1-3
Mulligan, J.B.Icarus AgricolusPoetry1-3
Rothfork, JohnDonny Does E-mailPoetry2-1
Hyams, PhilipMeeting, ThePoetry2-1
Hyams, PhilipSettling for StonePoetry2-1
Bowman, JohnTribe of FrogsPoetry2-1
Day, HollyCasualty in ProgressPoetry2-2
Reeves, TroyDermatologistPoetry2-2
Swaim, GaryDecisionPoetry2-2
Rothfork, JohnDonny Does E-mailPoetry2-2
Day, HollySpelunkerPoetry2-2
Molloy, SaraUntitledPoetry2-2
Molloy, SaraUntitledPoetry2-2
Estess, Sybil P.Blue FieldPoetry2-4
Hamby, JerryDr. Seuss House, ThePoetry2-4
Hamby, JerryEconomyPoetry2-4
Hamby, JerryFifteenPoetry2-4
Hamby, JerryMandrakePoetry2-4
Hamby, JerryWadePoetry2-4
Kowaliw, RoseYearnPoetry2-4
Reeves, TroyFuneralsPoetry3-1
Hall, H. PalmerLooking NorthPoetry3-1
Hall, H. PalmerMarriagePoetry3-1
Reeves, TroyRed RiverPoetry3-1
Hall, H. PalmerRefusal to Mourn the Possible Death by Observation
of Schrodinger's Cat, A
Hall, H. PalmerTwo by Two Walking out of the gardenPoetry3-1
Hall, H. PalmerTwo Virgins in MoonlightPoetry3-1
Snoek, Samuel JeremiahCoffee, BlackPoetry3-2
Flynn, TerrenceDishwater MadonnaPoetry3-2
Sykes, RoyceHawk in Early SpringPoetry3-2
Poloskey, MarianneNonethelessPoetry3-2
Poloskey, MarianneRainPoetry3-2
Bennett, PatrickStalking DelightPoetry3-2
Stephens, MartineThings Like LightPoetry3-2
Hise, PatWasted Modern Romantic LyricPoetry3-2
Tourney, DougWingsPoetry3-2
Kelley, WardCommercePoetry3-3
Tanoury, DougFelix CulpaPoetry3-3
Tanoury, DougOn The ShorePoetry3-3
Tanoury, DougScott FountainPoetry3-3
White, ElizabethAutopsy of the Broken-Hearted, ThePoetry3-4
Levenstein, CharlesCuban Love SongsPoetry3-4
Levenstein, CharlesEmilyPoetry3-4
Levenstein, CharlesEverything I Know Must Be Passed OnPoetry3-4
White, ElizabethReadingPoetry3-4
Buck, Janet I.September SnowPoetry3-4
Goss, JanineAftermath of 9-11Poetry4-1
Goss, JanineEnlightenmentPoetry4-1
Thomas, LarryIt Was So Dry in Midland (West Texas)Poetry4-1
Levenstein, CharlesJonnie AcridPoetry4-1
Thomas, LarrySkeleton, ThePoetry4-1
Thomas, LarryWithin MinutesPoetry4-1
Schroeder, StevenHow Thyme Cures AnthraxPoetry4-2
Schroeder, StevenListen to LightPoetry4-2
Antosca, NickNightPoetry4-2
Landers, TrevorRoom at Strada LisabonaPoetry4-2
Schroeder, StevenTurningPoetry4-2
Schultz, LeeWhat the He Wolf SeesPoetry4-2
Schultz, LeeWhen My Daughter AsksPoetry4-2
Furman, RichBad SexPoetry4-3
Mihoub, FaridaDo You Speak French?Poetry4-3
Vaknin, SamProwlingPoetry4-3
Mihoub, FaridaTalk to MePoetry4-3
Barnet, CrisWhen My Father WhistledPoetry4-3
Boyar, TheresaGirl Who Couldn't Wait, ThePoetry4-4
Shirley, MarkMy Beautiful FrankensteinPoetry4-4
Schroeder, StevenNew World OrderPoetry4-4
Ang, ArleneOrnithorhynchus anatinusPoetry4-4
Buck, Janet I.Red EyesPoetry4-4
Krauss, Carol ParrisHandsPoetry5-1
Wilson, Ian RandallMasquePoetry5-1
Ang, ArleneNow that lilacs are in bloomPoetry5-1
Ladanyi, MichaelRed CottonPoetry5-1
Li BaiFlash of Thought in a Quiet Night, APoetry5-2
Liu Yingkai (Trans.)Flash of Thought in a Quiet Night, APoetry5-2
Schroeder, Steven (Trans.)Flash of Thought in a Quiet Night, APoetry5-2
McDonald, WaltJames Dickey in TexasPoetry5-2
McDonald, WaltMan I Never Met, ThePoetry5-2
Liu FangpingMoonlit Night, APoetry5-2
Liu Yingkai (Trans.)Moonlit Night, APoetry5-2
Schroeder, Steven (Trans.)Moonlit Night, APoetry5-2
McDonald, WaltTurning Sixty-Five in MontanaPoetry5-2
Balcárcel, RebeccaVisiting TiaPoetry5-2
McDonald, WaltYear My Brother Went to War, ThePoetry5-2
Berg, Darlene MooreMaking of a Man, ThePoetry5-3
Berg, Darlene MooreOff W, Down V. Enter ArcadiaPoetry5-3
Berg, Darlene MooreWelcome to Shy RoadPoetry5-3
McGlynn, KarynaCanvassingPoetry5-4
O'Donnell, MorganDepressionPoetry5-4
Hueter, DianeWhen the Hunter's Young Daughter Stands in the DoorwayPoetry5-4
Mihoub, FaridaAfter AllPoetry6-1
Schroeder, StevenMeditation on Ecclesiastes, APoetry6-1
Sykes, RoyceSummer Evening Between Myths, APoetry6-1
Ingram, JeffreyUpon Visiting Galileo's FingerPoetry6-1
Nelson, SuzyBiscuits and LiesPoetry6-2
McCullough, LauraClearly, On a TrampolinePoetry6-2
Weston, Joanna M.Farmers Have GonePoetry6-2
Swaim, GaryReading, APoetry6-2
Powell, TaraTempest Following FortunesPoetry6-2
LeWinter, OswaldApparitionsPoetry6-3
Ang, ArleneLiving with ArthurPoetry6-3
LeWinter, OswaldPencil SellerPoetry6-3
Ang, ArleneSaprophyticPoetry6-3
Fraley, JasonForest of DesksPoetry6-3
Peeler, TimBeyond BluePoetry6-4
Peeler, TimIn Ashe County, NCPoetry6-4
Sutherland, FraserAt Dusk a Man is ShoutingPoetry7-1
Changa, CharityCBPoetry7-1
Gallik, DanielLosing Ones' Ways On The WatersPoetry7-1
Hueter, DianeWitnessingPoetry7-1
Hayes, JonathanAnd NowPoetry7-2
LaValle-Vincent, MarianneEx-ManPoetry7-2
Osmubal, PapaFilipino Workman in MacaoPoetry7-3
Osmubal, PapaMaria Clara after Jose Rizal's DeathPoetry7-3
Osmubal, PapaMirrorPoetry7-3
Pearson, JoannaOnce Upon a Time The Hags Were PrincessesPoetry7-3
Conway, JackPretty One More TimePoetry7-3
Conway, JackSoldiers of MisfortunePoetry7-3
Pearson, JoannaUgly Ugly Man, ThePoetry7-3
Roberts, SuzannePresent Tense, ThePoetry7-4
Roberts, SuzanneScience ProjectsPoetry7-4
Roberts, SuzanneWhy You StayPoetry7-4
Strongin, LynnBefore Closing TimePoetry8-1
Strongin, LynnComes a MorningPoetry8-1
Grey, JohnRescue ManPoetry8-1
Strongin, LynnSecond NotificationPoetry8-1
Grey, JohnTour of the European Battle-fieldsPoetry8-1
Clauser, Elizabeth NeelyChairs and ProdigalsPoetry8-2
Clauser, Elizabeth NeelyCorte Cabello de MarciaPoetry8-2
Archer, BarbaraDirty Little SecretPoetry8-2
Clauser, Elizabeth NeelyLeaving the TrainPoetry8-2
Schroeder, StevenSqueezeboxPoetry8-2
Block, BethTakersPoetry8-2
Block, BethTanka 24Poetry8-2
Goldner, HarveyAnother Ancient MarinerPoetry8-3
Dieter, JeffreyFinding the Father Grave, June 19Poetry8-3
Muslim, Kristine OngDocksPoetry8-4
Palsak, AngieFibroidPoetry8-4
Miller, J. WilliamI Wonder Over the Sound of a Dying SeaPoetry8-4
Miller, J. WilliamParadise to ParadisePoetry8-4
Muslim, Kristine OngWindow for Monique, APoetry8-4
Butler, Janetdream fatiguePoetry9-1
Holmes, Katherine L.EquinoxPoetry9-1
Schroeder, StevenEucharistPoetry9-1
Fulton, GrahamFull Scottish BreakfastPoetry9-1
Butler, JanetGonePoetry9-1
Ramspeck, DougLife StoryPoetry9-1
Holmes, Katherine L.PortentPoetry9-1
Ramspeck, DougRelentingPoetry9-1
Wood, JohnAfter the FuneralPoetry9-2
Hyde, Justin//at my wedding reception//Poetry9-2
Hyde, Justin//memories from the trailer park: rabbit//Poetry9-2
Hemmings, KyleMorecambe BayPoetry9-2
Woodward, JeffreyNight With Archaic FigurePoetry9-2
Trame, DavideSea BodyPoetry9-2
Trame, DavideSkin and StonePoetry9-2
Wood, JohnWindow Seat at Sunset (DFW to ATL @ 17:30)Poetry9-2
Whitehouse, AnneChange of LifePoetry9-3
Jamieson, LelandEating Out AlonePoetry9-3
Schnoeker-Shorb, Yvette A.Guilt of Sight, ThePoetry9-3
Ademokun, AyoI Feel LikePoetry9-3
Whitehouse, AnneLivy's HorsesPoetry9-3
Jamieson, LelandNeighborly BonhomiePoetry9-3
Hilborn, PatriciaPrize, ThePoetry9-3
Schnoeker-Shorb, Yvette A.Slips of the SoulPoetry9-3
Doreski, WilliamCrossing a Construction SitePoetry9-4
Doreski, WilliamWind-Flower Poetry9-4
morton, karla k.Hanging OnPoetry9-4
Rice, OliverWe Who Wish To Sing in the MorningPoetry9-4
LaBounty, DavidEyes. Smiles. Light.Poetry10-1
LaBounty, DavidI KnowPoetry10-1
LaBounty, DavidPoem For All the Eyes That Turned the Other Way, APoetry10-1
Drehmer, AleathiaJoyridePoetry10-1
Blome, William CMan Asleep in the Corner Over There, ThePoetry10-1
Blome, William CSequencePoetry10-1
Coolhand, Johnnyin the head of giantsPoetry10-2
Ramspeck, DougMorning of the Fictive FuneralPoetry10-2
Ramspeck, DougNarrationPoetry10-2
Ross, Laura SobbottOde to a LoverPoetry10-2
Ross, Laura SobbottQuiet Earth of CowsPoetry10-2
Whitehouse, AnneRefrain, ThePoetry10-2
Estabrook, MichaelMy Wife Washing Her HairPoetry10-2
Estabrook, MichaelTopless in MexicoPoetry10-2
Wells, BrandiBecoming HimselfPoetry10-3
Wingate, SusanCracked CornPoetry10-3
Rice, OliverHow Equivocal Is the Drift of ThingsPoetry10-3
Srygley-Moore, CarolynPlace Poem, APoetry10-3
Jackley, MarkAfterlifePoetry10-4
Marlatt, RickVasectomyPoetry10-4
Perchik, SimonAgain the Birds HidePoetry 11-1
Inge, CharlesAngularity (At Dawn)Poetry 11-1
Inge, CharlesTwo ChairsPoetry 11-1
Baum, DaleBring in the DeadPoetry 11-1
Baum, DaleSpeedersPoetry 11-1
Baum, DaleTreadmillPoetry 11-1
Grey, JohnSafe From HarmPoetry 11-1
Mahoney, DonalArmadillo HomePoetry11-2
Mahoney, DonalBlinking Like FerretsPoetry11-2
Alton, William L.Everything Is PerfectPoetry11-2
Graham, TaylorHarvest EconomyPoetry11-2
Williams, John SibleyIdaho, Moments After SunsetPoetry11-2
Williams, John SibleyStillborn CalfPoetry11-2
Lundy, BarbChild's PlayPoetry11-3
Lawless, GregoryIcePoetry11-3
Lawless, GregoryNorthPoetry11-3
Lawless, GregoryToulousePoetry11-3
Moore, GeorgeIrony Miner, ThePoetry11-3
Moore, GeorgePigs, ThePoetry11-3
Rice, OliverAllegory Obscurely StirsPoetry11-4
Rice, OliverPale Entreaties of Her Dreams, ThePoetry11-4
Lifshin, LynAugust 18, 1587Poetry11-4
Williams, John SibleySign on the Road, APoetry11-4
Haefner, TreshaI Will Die in ParisPoetry12-1
Haefner, TreshaLast AutumnPoetry12-1
Haefner, TreshaWhen I Move to the MountainsPoetry12-1
Kessler, ClydeLandscape with StarlingsPoetry12-1
Baker, DevreauxLorca's DawnPoetry12-1
Grey, JohnCatherine's WakePoetry12-2
Grey, JohnWhere Sam's Daughter Wades TonightPoetry12-2
Swain, JohnDown Holmes BendPoetry12-2
Swain, JohnFragments of CalendarsPoetry12-2
Campbell, StacyEncorePoetry12-2
Campbell, StacyLet Monday SpeakPoetry12-2
Mendoza, DanHow Many Raggedy Humid DawnsPoetry12-2
Fein, RichardCedars of LebanonPoetry12-3
Herink, Nick AllenDinner with my MotherPoetry12-3
Herink, Nick AllenMy Father's TownPoetry12-3
Herink, Nick AllenPrairie ChickenPoetry12-3
Herink, Nick AllenPraying the Rosary for JacobPoetry12-3
Webster, DianeLedge FlightPoetry12-3
Acuff, GaleMercyPoetry12-3
Acuff, GaleSchool SpiritPoetry12-3
Connors, MarkRequest via VillanellePoetry12-3
Yazinski, RonSuffer the ChildrenPoetry12-3
Myers, JedDesire's ReturnPoetry12-4
Baines, GayDreaming PurplePoetry12-4
Baines, GayFirst Warm Evening, ThePoetry12-4
Baines, GaySolsticePoetry12-4
Minoff, AnnLike ThatPoetry12-4
Minoff, AnnMy Yellow CouchPoetry12-4
Minoff, AnnSunsetPoetry12-4
Kurtz, R. L.VampirePoetry12-4
Fordon, KellyAlice: 283 Mt. VernonPoetry13-1
Fordon, KellyFatima: 212 Mt. VernonPoetry13-1
Fordon, KellyGina I: 224 Mt. VernonPoetry13-1
Fordon, KellyGina II: 224 Mt. VernonPoetry13-1
Brantingham, John M.GeriatricsPoetry13-1
Campbell, StacyJungle of Tears, APoetry13-1
Robinson, AnnLimboPoetry13-1
Carrell, PerrinBeePoetry13-2
Carrell, PerrinDiet CokePoetry13-2
Brooks, BarbaraFirefliesPoetry13-2
Brooks, BarbaraRed Handled KnifePoetry13-2
Clark, John LeeKeepPoetry13-2
Clark, John LeeWeeding at the Frogtown Community GardenPoetry13-2
Grey, JohnPalominoPoetry13-2
Wickes, HelenEarning My KeepPoetry13-3
Wickes, HelenIntelligent Design, AnPoetry13-3
Gritsman, AndreyFamily Night OutPoetry13-3
Criscuolo, CarlaGhostPoetry13-3
Guarascio, Katrina KMy Kind of PoetryPoetry13-3
Watsky, PaulThat's the Answer! My AuntPoetry13-3
Watsky, PaulTo a Volunteer PlumPoetry13-3
Webster, DianeTraveling SandPoetry13-3
Iaciofano, CarolCarouselPoetry13-4
Iaciofano, CarolContinuumPoetry13-4
Iaciofano, CarolRain on Cape CodPoetry13-4
Sheff, JakeEarth's Obedient AngelsPoetry13-4
Sheff, JakeSeparated by the Atlantic: March; Kansas City, MissouriPoetry13-4
Dean, AldenMy Funeral SilkPoetry13-4
Sagar, ArunSilhouettesPoetry13-4
Sagar, ArunWordsPoetry13-4
Hartmann, NicholasTension is a very human thing.Poetry13-4
Engleson, ClintWayfarerPoetry13-4
Cherry, James EComfortable Place, APoetry14-1
Haynes, William OgdenAngling in the AbstractPoetry14-2
Haynes, William OgdenHeat WavePoetry14-2
Cadwallader, Anne-MarieBenedictionPoetry14-2
Heaton, KevinCottonwood HymnPoetry14-2
Heaton, KevinJust Beyond My TownPoetry14-2
Wolak, BillLove During the Cultural RevolutionPoetry14-2
Wheatcroft-Pardue, KenNo CasserolesPoetry14-2
Nikolis, AnastasiaResidues and AftertastesPoetry14-2
Williams, DanielTo the Woman Driving a Suburban Who Abandoned Her Dog in Oakmont ParkPoetry14-2
Smith, Robert LavettMedusa, Unbeheaded, Turned to StonePoetry14-3
Smith, Robert LavettMetro BeaubourgPoetry14-3
Smith, Robert LavettTall Autistic Boy Spits on my Head, ThePoetry14-3
McKernan, JohnMy Grandmother LovedPoetry14-3
Kallen, LaurelOgunquitPoetry14-3
Braden, ElyaPlay MePoetry14-3
Braden, ElyaWhat the Snow SaysPoetry14-3
Sooudi, StevenYou, Andrew MansfieldPoetry14-3
Hall, H. PalmerElegy #6Poetry14-4
Hall, H. PalmerElegy #9Poetry14-4
Hall, H. PalmerElegy #16Poetry14-4
Hall, H. PalmerElegy #17Poetry14-4
Hall, H. PalmerElegy #19Poetry14-4
Hall, H. PalmerElegy #20Poetry14-4
Day, HollyFire, ThePoetry15-1
Blanchard, EricI hate this feeling—Poetry15-1
Berry, AllenInformation OverloadPoetry15-1
Bell, CarolTo Become a CloudPoetry15-1
VanDewark, KatharineFall AgainPoetry15-2
VanDewark, KatharineGarden of HalosPoetry15-2
VanDewark, KatharineGet Your HandsPoetry15-2
VanDewark, KatharineI Pretend To Be Living My Own LifePoetry15-2
VanDewark, KatharineWhen Mythological Creatures Buy in the San Fernando ValleyPoetry15-2
Belair, MarkarrivalPoetry15-3
Hoggard, LynnDominique at the Car WashPoetry15-3
Hoggard, LynnGod's OwnPoetry15-3
Hoggard, LynnSelf-Mocking Song, APoetry15-3
Hoggard, LynnStorm in DroughtPoetry15-3
Hoggard, LynnThis TimePoetry15-3
Halberstadt, AnnaMy ParadisePoetry15-3
Halberstadt, AnnaWhat RemainsPoetry15-3
Sideris, HilaryCalledPoetry15-4
Carlson, JaimieMetaphor ZooPoetry15-4
Auerbach, CarlThings I Wish I Could Say to my Father on the Second Anniversary of His DeathPoetry15-4
Jenson, GwendolynAbout the Whiteness of the WhalePoetry16-1
Jenson, GwendolynAfter You DiedPoetry16-1
McGinnis, David A.Last Ride on the Sad MonkeyPoetry16-1
Adamson, JodiStopping by the Lake on a Summer NightPoetry16-1
Thornton, BrianUn Chien AndalouPoetry16-1

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