Publisher's Comments
Volume 1: 1999

May 1, 1999
by Robert Whitsitt The editors and I have exchanged hundreds of e-mail messages in the last few months, making sure that the works look good in addition to being worthwhile.

Now it is late on a Saturday night and I think we're ready for the first issue. The stories, non-fiction, and poetry are wonderful, thanks to the efforts of the authors. Now I have to worry about the technical details and make sure that everything is presented well. I'm about to take a deep breath and send this out into the wilds of the Web to see what the reaction is. I am cautiously excited.

If you're reading this, you're a rare person. Thanks for reading every word on the site! I would love to hear from you about what you think. And, of course, we would be pleased to have you submit works for possible publication. But if you haven't finished reading everything, now's a good time to return to the contents page!

August 1, 1999
by Robert Whitsitt Once again we've all worked together closely to turn out another issue that we're all proud of. That is difficult in the summer when people are traditionally on vacation. That we have such a strong issue makes me confident that we will continue to publish material that people will enjoy reading. Thanks for checking us out!

November 1, 1999
by Robert Whitsitt I understand that Amarillo Bay is starting to be noticed and the reviews are good. All of the editors are getting good at the mechanics of publishing on the Web, and we're getting good submissions. We're already thinking about the next issue, which will be released February 7, 2000.

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