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Publisher's Comments
Volume 7: 2005


7 February, 2005
by Robert Whitsitt

The Fiction editor, Richard Moseley, introduced the story Resting Place to me this way: "Here's a 'flash fiction' story." That stopped me, because while I'd heard the term, I didn't really know what it was. Naturally I did a search and found this. [2008: The link no longer works, so I have disabled it.]


Now I think I have some idea of what it is. Do you like it?

Our editor for Creative Nonfiction, H. Palmer Hall, is stepping aside for reasons of health. He has provided us with fascinating works since the August issue of 2001. Our new editor for Creative Nonfiction is Rebecca Balcárcel, who was also the author of Visiting Tia. I'm looking forward to her take on what constitutes Creative Nonfiction.

In January my wife's 86-year-old father had his hip replaced. He is coming along well and expects to be walking normally after a few more weeks of therapy. I think it is magical that a hip can be replaced on an elderly man, and thereby give him a chance at some more good years. I look forward to more amazing procedures to help us all as we age.

2 May, 2005
by Robert Whitsitt

This issue may contain the best works, as a group, that we have ever published.

I often think that, of course. It has been fascinating watching Amarillo Bay's audience grow and it's stories mature. The advice on our submissions page is "the best way to know what we will accept is to read what we have already published," and that seems to have created an understanding of what we are looking for, resulting in submissions that are appropriate and excellent.

I often put personal observations in the little blurb I write with each new issue. They are about what is going in the world as well as in my own life, usually also related in some way to Amarillo Bay. This issue is no exception:

I have given notice to my employer, Google, that my last day with them will be Friday, 10 June 2005. At that point I am retiring, just shy of my 59th birthday. What this means to Amarillo Bay is that I will be more prompt in getting each issue ready, to the delight of the editors. I think Amarillo Bay is an excellent effort and I intend to keep on it for the indefinite future.

8 August, 2005
by Robert Whitsitt

This issue is coming out a week late (8 August instead of 1 August - the first Monday in August) because my wife and I went to France for two weeks to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I carefully got permission from the editors before I left, to make sure that was okay. I take getting Amarillo Bay out every three months very seriously. If you are reading this, I know that you look forward to each issue. I apologize for being a week late with this one.

I talked a few months ago to someone coming out with a new literary magazine. She felt that if they had a few issues and then it went away that would be a success. I'm sure she's right, knowing what it takes even to get a few issues out.

I must admit that at the dinner for our 25th anniversary I didn't think about Amarillo Bay. I thought about our anniversary and about the food we were eating. Later, though, I considered the significance of anniversaries. While the third issue of our seventh year (our 26th issue) isn't what is normally considered a significant milestone, I think the fact that we've been providing the "finest in modern literature" (the objective specified in the first line on our welcome page) is truly impressive. I hope you agree.

7 November, 2005
by Robert Whitsitt

This issue is very dark. There are a few cheerful places, but many of the works are quite disturbing. As always, of course, they are extremely well written. We are very proud of our ability to share excellent works with you issue after issue.

Ever so often I look to see what has been written about Amarillo Bay. That let me stumble across this piece. While it is not totally positive, I found it to be very honest and interesting. Perhaps you agree with it?


We published our first issue in 1999, so the next issue, in February of 2006, will be our eighth year of publication. In that time we've all gotten a little older and possibly we've picked up a little wisdom along the way. I hope that Amarillo Bay has provided some wise things for you along the way.


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