Amarillo Bay 
 Volume 18 Number 2 

Publisher’s Comments
Volume 18: 2016

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16 May 2016
   by Robert Whitsitt

In our first issue, published on May 3, 1999, we published the poem Summer Sky by Carol Coffee Reposa. In this issue, over 17 years later ( ! ), we're publishing two more of her excellent poems. It is fun to read the biography she provided with the first poem, and the one she provided now, with many more accomplishments.

Now you need to go to the Contents and start enjoying this issue!

What, still here? Okay, because I have three personal things to share. First, my wife and I went to the Galápagos islands on a trip run by National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions. It was even more amazing than we expected, with wonderful naturalists, interesting and often funny talks, a reasonable amount of exercise, and excellent food. Being on a ship with 48 passengers (and a crew of about 30) was a plus so we could get to know our fellow travelers. If you can scrape up the time and money to do it, we heartily recommend it!

Second, my wife, Lana Bryan, has agreed to become a permanent proofreader in addition to the stellar help we are given by Nikki Carr. Lana has often read the stories, but now she'll be reading everything with an editor's eye.

The third personal thing is that in June I turn 70 years old. I've known this was coming for, well, nearly 70 years, but to actually be approaching the milestone of three score and ten is pretty daunting. I have to ask myself if I've done all that I could to help the universe while also enjoying myself. Amarillo Bay definitely is on the plus side of that equation!

I'm done. Now you can go to the Contents.

1 February 2016
   by Robert Whitsitt

It's always pleasing to hear that one of our authors is having success. Amarillo Bay published the story Exhuming Captain Midnight by Guinotte Wise in Volume 15 Number 4 (November 2013). His second book, "Ruined Days," a thriller/crime novel, was recently published by Black Opal Books. You can read a short excerpt on his blog. You can get more information about Guinotte on Amazon.

The new issue of Amarillo Bay is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it is the first issue that has the same author in two different areas. Sighs (in Fiction) and A Fire: Galveston, 1965 (in Poetry) are both by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue. We had previously published his poem No Casseroles in Volume 14 Number 2 (May 2012).

The second reason this issue is interesting is that the fiction is all related to marriages and the relationships they involve. None of the marriages are going well, of course. Which makes me think of the quote "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," which I understand is the opening line in Leo Tolstoy's book "Anna Karenina." Even though the marriages are not so happy, I think you will enjoy reading the stores, as well as the intriguing The True Story of Her Play in Creative Nonfiction and the six works in Poetry.

I am pleased to announce that we have a new copy editor, Nikki Carr. Because of her careful work, there are at least six typos or other errors that you won't run into when you read this issue of Amarillo Bay. Her work is much appreciated!

So head on over to the Contents and start enjoying!