Panther Traffic
by Susie Berg Susie Berg

Susie Berg is a writer and editor, and the co-curator of Toronto's Plasticine Poetry Reading Series. She published her first full-length collection, How to Get Over Yourself, in 2013, and is currently working on two collaborations and an anthology which will keep her busy through early 2016. She has been know to eavesdrop and turn what she hears into poetry (, but always changes the names to protect those who talk too loudly in public.

We hurtle through heat lightning,
the dark road shouldered by swamp.
Tree roots snake the highway's flanks,
too damp to navigate lines between stars.

Yellow signs warn: panther traffic.
A desolate Florida night;
humid, southern, Gothic. I remain afraid
to absorb any more. There is no rain.

I could find my place
by the light of a Walgreen's sign,
but the highway spits us
far from big boxes and high rises.

We slip back into blackness.

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