Let Monday Speak
by Stacy Campbell
Stacy Campbell

Stacy Campbell lives in Hurst, Texas. She teaches English to special education students in Arlington, Texas. In her free time she plays the guitar, writes poetry and short stories, and drinks very cold beer. She is previously published in Writer's Digest, North Texas Professional Writer's Anthology, The Story Teller, Orange Room Review, Autumn Leaves, The Smoking Poet, Splash of Red Literary Journal, Westward Quarterly, The Teachers Voice, A Little Poetry, and other on-line publications. She was a 2008 Commendation Award Winner from The Society of Southwestern Authors.

our face is a buzz saw
a constant reminder
of your deeds hardly dead to me
the television set
of my real life rests upon your shoulders
            there is no volume control
your lies keep me here
because I don't have the energy
to begin again
so I feed and water you
slice your sandwiches on a diagonal
and send you off to work
as if you are in a parade
            smiles waives smiles waives
until your Audi is a dot on the hill
and my coming to the day begins
today, I may write in the margins of magazines
or make a lemon pie
tables and chairs my friends
            what ever I chose
the climate with out you
feels right on my skin
and air leaks effortlessly into my lungs

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