Weeding at the Frogtown Community Garden
by John Lee Clark
John Lee Clark

John Lee Clark was born deaf and became blind in adolescence. His poetry has appeared in many publications, including The Hollins Critic, Pif, Poetry, and The Seneca Review. His chapbook of poems is Suddenly Slow (Handtype Press, 2008) and he edited the anthology Deaf American Poetry (Gallaudet University Press, 2009). He is married to the deaf cartoonist Adrean Clark; they run a small press called Clerc Scar that publishes signing community literature. They live in Minnesota with their three sons.

What I'm interested in is underneath,
where the warmth and moisture are. I have no need
for a hoe. My fingers sink in
to their calling, following each root
to its uttermost tendril. While others tear
I lift them from my patch whole.

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