in the head of giants
by Johnny Coolhand


it is of science & art
that the servant be
than the master.

who is to not
relish & comprehend such a physical matter?
the servant provides what the master cannot,

hence the need for occupation of under the lesser who wants more.

if at all anything, the fortunateness of less self uncovery of pathetic
weak unable & bereft.

oh thank you
the third party of
moneys & perceptions

the tomfoolery
& serve of
place &
of thy invisibles
of truth
& education

how thy self is only ye self with some one else who is both of them,
taller hence shorter.

something to the weight of the color of our eyes & gestation of our hair
that makes us the you & i, the me and society

sweet financial medium,
why are you not a reminder of our
volcanic past,
being discovered by accident like any new old water lizard that never
breathed fire but ate bugs larger than i?

why are you transient
yet powerful like
the wind?

why are you liquid
yet indispensable like the ocean,
the father & thy tributaries
the teat suckling off spring whom yet provide towards thy hefty body?

within the misperception
of gravity
is that there is
the sea,
vast & powerful,
there for all to admire,
but nothing more than the lowest of tubs the pan & bucket nobody wants
the denominator of inadvertent consequence

because your emptiness
so mundane, like the fool
bound to see
gold shine in the

you are the ignorance of
nothing more
than the right
place at the right

a crevice,
nothing more.

more than empty

is full of

you are the
table in the room
the cup & the reader
must be

you are impressive in
an impedance of ignorance
admired to be
you are the first born
to the
offspring of
that stretches
cooling & regenerating
reapplying itself

that result that is more than the

you ate the amusement of the viewer
the child whom loves the
merry whistle
the white eyes &
shiny teeth
the fleshy tongue of offering

you are not the
you are just the cover
you are the seconds after the
TA DUh...

where anticipation must be relieved
you are the misunderstood to the wanting so you are purchased well above
your need

you are greed
you are displaced power
you are the accident of ignorance

You are nothing ocean.
A one big beautiful nothing.


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