Losing Ones' Ways On The Waters
by Daniel Gallik


When I first went fishing
I lost my way in the woods.
Ef was talking to his new
Polly, a girl he met while
doing her lawn. Ef almost

started to cry. Pol said,
I got lost once too. I
was shopping in downtown
Akron, around Polsky's, and
thought about finding this

new Good Will center and
lost track of time. A wino
asked me for a buck. I
smiled at him and politely
said no, and he raped me

behind Akron Auto Radio.
Effie Douglas said, one
of these days I gotta
hear that whole story.
Said he had to meet his

buddy Jock Trout down at
Summit Lake, the lake had
gotten cleaner, and the gill
fishing had improved. So,
Ef excused himself and

turned his engine on and
left. Pol continued on
her walk from nowhere. Old
Trout kinda liked Ef's
company on the waters.


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