by John Grey
John Grey

John Grey has been published recently in the Georgetown Review, The Pinch, South Carolina Review, The Pedestal, Talking River, and Karamu, with work upcoming in Prism International and the Evansville Review.

Where is her palomino, the shiny golden coat,
that flashing white tail?
What about the eyes so huge,
her whole reflection floated?
And the bent head, nuzzling her hand,
licking love into the rippling palm?

It's a dark dreary day.
Faceless people wander the endless corridors.
Nothing's saddled up
but a wheelchair.

Who will she feed
her stolen lumps of sugar?
And who will kiss her face in the morning,
eager to go riding?

Only the nurses can answer her questions.
Only the nurses trot on by, manes fluttering,
whinnying loud once her back is turned.

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