(At Dawn)
by Charles Inge
Charles Inge

Charles Inge lives with his wife in Granbury, Texas, in a house perched on a bluff overlooking Lake Granbury. Among the poets inspiring his earliest work were Robert Frost, Robinson Jeffers, Wallace Stevens, and William Carlos Williams. While extensive travel to Europe and the Middle East introduced him to a world of cultures beyond his own, his current work derives inspiration from the flora, fauna and humans encountered daily about his home.

Charles Inge holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. His work has appeared in The Willow Creek Journal, Legacies, and Granbury Showcase magazines, and he was a contributor for several years to the annual anthology of Granbury’s Chips Off the Writers Bloc. He was a featured poet in the 2006-2007 Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas (Volume 3), and has just published a collection of poems entitled Brazos View.

Cloud Bank
  low and gray
angles down across
  our eastern sky
at break of day--
  makes the lake
a darkened plane;

a buoy light
  marking the mid-channel
line perfectly aligns
  the morning star
and a light ashore--
  a triangular figure
against the sky;

its landward angle
  paralleling the slant
of cloud and
  the wake of
a solitary waterbird--
  a chevron of
geese passes overhead;

making the world
  seem to be
angling all one way,
  but another cloud
another day--
  or other birds may
turn it right around.

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