by Marianne LaValle-Vincent


His memory runs through my mind

Every now and again

When I am vulnerable or


And for a few moments I am


The virgin

Voiceless and meek

And so susceptible

Like a small girl with no

Umbrella in the most

Tempestuous storm

Drenched with dreams

Of forever

Sometimes still flinching

At his departure or

Still aching from the

Memory of his touch

But I smile as I look around

And find my second choice

So much in like with each other

As we sit in our den

Stroking the cats

Eating low-carb popcorn

And tomorrow we'll drive

To Jess's basketball game

Maybe we'll talk

Maybe we won't

But the ride is one of

Comfort and ease

And acceptance

His memory runs through my mind

And I still ache for the passion and

His fairy tale

And I wonder

Every now and again

How we would have turned out

If he were more like

My second choice

And I would have loved him

Less and liked him a little bit



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