How Many Raggedy Humid Dawns
by Dan Mendoza
Dan Mendoza

Dan Mendoza is a graduate student at the University of Texas - Pan American. He lives in Edinburg, TX.

How many raggedy humid dawns...
Have you woken
Spit hardened and hands
Calloused against the knees
Of day?
In the dark, groan empty
And turn the water for
The tendoned path
Followed with coffee,
Bread, bacon, and smoke
They'll be dollars from
Hammers prying tires from
Wheels, 81 yr. old knuckles
Bleeding 62 yr. old scars
Into 43 yr. old rusted tubs
And a 24 yr. old kid smoking
A menthol will wait in less multitudes
To get on the hi-way again
You don't sketch or precedent
A chorus to patch splendor
For skeptic poets of living
They can save themselves
With their whiskey warm heaving

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