by Laurence Musgrove Laurence Musgrove

Laurence Musgrove is professor of English at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, where he teaches creative writing, literature, and comics. A native Texan, his poetry collection Local Bird is from Lamar University Literary Press. His poems have also appeared in Concho River Review, Buddhist Poetry Review, Inside Higher Ed, Texas Poetry Calendar, Red River Review, San Antonio Express-News, and New Texas. He blogs at theillustratedprofessor.com and cartoons at texosophy.com.

Let’s not
Be fooled
By the voice
We hear
And think
It’s our own
When what
We really
Hear is
The chorus
We inherited
From all
Who flow
Through us
As we sat
At the table
The rolls
Singing along
To what’s
In what’s
To come.

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