Maria Clara after Jose Rizal's Death
by Papa Osmubal


(Jose Rizal, nicknamed Pepe, is the National Hero of the Philippines. Maria Clara, his girlfriend, appeared in Jose Rizal's prison cell in Manila to officially marry him just moments before the Spaniards executed him by firing squad.)

The sight of blood is not new
to Maria: Pepe
used to send her
red flowers and bleeding songs.

She knows everything
about pains: Pepe
used to whisper to her, his tears
like boulders on her shoulders.

Grief is a perpetual echo reverberating
in her soul: Pepe
has bequeathed her
his harrowing sighs.

Death's face before Maria bears
no secrets: Pepe
already showed her
a million sunsets.

She knows by heart
anger's purpose: Pepe
told her why nights
are with eyes and fangs.


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