Building Amenities
   by Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith is a Staff Attorney at Legal Aid Society. She received her B.A in Religious Studies from Nazareth College and a J.D from Fordham University Law School. Her short story, "A Venetian Winter," won a travel short story contest hosted by St. Christopher's Inns. She enjoys water color painting, working on her art journal, and traveling, particularly to Europe.

"Look! There's Orion!"
          And he points above my head
and to the left.
I stare at the line of stars
          with determination
in my heart—
I want to remember the night sky like this—
from the rooftop.

"Did you know almost all of
          the planes taking off
come up this way?"

I point out to him.

"They're so close you can even
          make out the
whole plane."

I sit under the only ceiling of
stars I've ever known
of New York,
feeling intrigued by its fervent
schedule of moon phases,
and flights that never
cease their comings and goings.

This is what forever feels like.

It blankets us together like
two football fans at the game.

Ours is a spectator sport.

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