You, Andrew Mansfield
by Steven Sooudi Steven Sooudi

Steven Sooudi

And here below the glowing sun
And here upon this spacious height
The satellite in hurtled run
An astronaut in weightless flight

And over Stonehenge's gaping ring
The battered rock and open gate
Up in the darkness silence sings
There ruined stone has yet to wait

Now travel on to Marakech
The grit like stars on tiled floor
Dark dates, palms and ruddy flesh
The Moorish mosques soar

Cairo, dry and father east
The crisscrossed webs of brazen cars
From space we take this visual feast
The mountains come and darkening, change

And now at Kermanshah restate
The remorse eastern travels make
A love for mystic potentates
And beloved ways their roads retake

Here farther now we orbit east
Singapore, and forgotten shores
Low light on a lower sea
The Widening waters' feelings roar

Now new light comes from round the sphere
A New World born, or just returned
From solar ellipse's turning gears
Or the low light of that low sea.

For here below this glowing sun
We turn about the center's run
Though dreaming of that stationed point
We'll never go
No more than know, or hope to know, the mind of God.

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