A Cross along a Road
   by John Stephens John Stephens

John Stephens is the author of Return to the Water (C & R Press, June 2013), which was reviewed by The Georgia Review. Other published work includes poems in Stone River Sky, An Anthology of Georgia Poems (2015) and The Penwood Review. John lives in Milton, Georgia, and his gifts have helped to establish the Adam Stephens Night Out for Poetry at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Poetry @TECH series.

Isolation, like a rusty razor, cuts a jagged wound.
I reach for words, the jack-russell you took,
                                                            our bed now empty.

I pour coffee, in habit hand you a cup. In the shower
I wash out my thoughts into the drain. Later I drive
along a pasture,

past a shrine to a shattered place. I turn the wheel,
see Adam, our firstborn. He was eighteen, he was beautiful,
he was.

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