by Olga Valle-Herr Olga Valle-Herr

Olga Valle-Herr is a published free-lance writer and award-winning poet. Her works have been published in various literary journals, La Frontera, Laredo Times, The Monitor, and anthologies including Valleysong and Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul. She has done readings of her work at the University of Texas-Pan American, Laredo Community College women's book clubs and at several elementary and high schools. Her first book of poetry and essays, Pearl Harvest, was published in 2013. She is the current Poet Laureate of McAllen, Texas.

Shattering glass, sounds of fury
voices roar like the wind outside.
Rage erupts between man and wife.
Children awaken, listen like vigilantes
as thunder rolls too close to home.
They huddle together, pull the blanket
over their heads, hold each other,
peek out their door later. Mother
runs, blinding tears take over anger,
slams door behind her.

Father stumbles,
          falls over couch,
                                  passes out,

drops his whiskey on the floor.
Two sisters cling to each other
like wet leaves
as lightning flashes in their world

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