That's the Answer! My Aunt
by Paul Watsky
Paul Watsky

Paul Watsky's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Asheville Poetry Review, Alabama Review, Fugue, The Pinch, Lullwater Review, Poets and Artists: O & S, Natural Bridge, Many Mountains Moving, and others. He has authored two chapbooks issued by tel-let, More Questions Than Answers (2001) and Sea Side (2003). In 2006 he cotranslated Santoka (Tokyo, PIE Books) in collaboration with Emiko Miyashita. In 2010 his debut full-length poetry collection, Telling The Difference, was released by Fisher King Press, and a collection of his baseball poetry entitled Extra Innings was published by Interpoezia. Book critic Dwight Garner referred to his poem "Cumbersome" as "terrific" in his New York Times Arts Beat blog.

happily exclaimed, more
and more often as senility
advanced, until her brain shut

entirely down. That's
the answer, my wife and I announce
to each other, then laugh. The answer

brings us close — whether it's
a week of rain or a newspaper

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