To the Woman Driving a Suburban Who Abandoned Her Dog in Oakmont Park
by Daniel Williams Daniel Williams

A closet poet, Dan Williams works at TCU, where he is Director of TCU Press and Professor of English.

She tried to follow you for several blocks, running
behind as you sped away, the old Asian couple tried
to wave you down, but you burst through stop signs,
doing sixty in a thirty. She kept running in the road
after you; until, panting, she slowed.
Uncomprehending, she sniffed for a sign.
The UPS man honked her out of the road, and she paused
By Trinity Landing, lost. Slowly, she wandered back
to the park, crossing and recrossing Bellaire,
ignoring traffic, wary of bikers and walkers, yet looking
for a familiar face, shivering despite the hot sun.
Two or three hours later Mrs. Peterson took her
some water, where she waited for your return. "Definitely
not the first," Mrs. P. said later. Mrs. Urgo called Animal
Control, but the Fairchild kids saved her, luring her
her in their backyard with oatmeal raison cookies while
the dog catcher cruised the neighborhood.

She is a good dog, and healthy the vet says, between one and
two years old, a mixed lab breed, short brown hair; she's trained,
gentle around children, playful. The Fairchilds two Scotties don't
like her though, so all of us are searching for a new home. We
posted signs, "Lost Dog," but we should have posted, "Wanted:
Bitch in White Suburban." When she is walked, she still sniffs
around and wants to walk down the middle of Bellaire.

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