Amarillo Bay 
 Volume 18 Number 2 

Sponsor Amarillo Bay

Amarillo Bay depends on sponsors for the costs of running the Web site. These are the items we have to pay for, totaling about $250 a year.

  • The domain names and
  • Hosting of the Web site

These we do not pay for.

  • A token amount to the authors (we’d like to, if we someday get enough money together)
  • Web site design (volunteer)
  • Production of each issue (volunteer)
  • Selection of the works (volunteer)
  • Working with the writers (volunteer)
  • Editing and proffreading proofreading (volunteer)

Because we are produced only on the Web, and accept submissions only by e-mail, we do not have any costs for paper, film, or any of the costs of printing.

These are the amounts we suggest you contribute annually.

To contribute, please print our donation form and mail it in.

In addition, you can help Amarillo Bay by checking out the pages of our sponsors and friends.

Also, see the Useful Links page.