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Welcome to the Spring issue of our second year, published on Monday, May 1, 2000. We hope you enjoy browsing through our fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry!


He and I
by Irving Greenfield
Dr. Victor Panetta, Professor of Philosophy, contemplated the early morning view of the Narrows and the Verrazano Bridge offered by the very large lobby window in the Student Union Building of Bridge College. The scene was, despite his emotional disquietude, aesthetically satisfying. The low scudding clouds and the mists over the land produced a shifting combination of light and shadow. Splashes of pink and blue interacted with the earth's autumnal seared reds, yellows and browns that flowed down to the water's edge, and despite the push of the buildings in between them, rose again on the other side of the ribbon of water separating Staten Island from Brooklyn. His reflection, caught in the pane of glass, seemed to float on or above all he saw. Something like an apparition, made of even less substantial material than the drifting mists. But unlike them, it held its form.

Ban Me Thuot
by William T. Hathaway
The two US advisors led their Vietnamese and Montagnard paratroopers at a double-time march into the back of a C-130. As Spec.-4 O'Keefe took a sling seat against the fuselage, he wished the plane had windows. From deep under ginger brows his blue eyes probed the aluminum interior. The door closed, muting the howl of engines. Sealed in with the smell of nervous sweat, O'Keefe wanted to flee.

Bearing False Witness
by M. Lee Williams
"This is crazy," she said, her voice threatening the peace of the courtroom. "Robert was just trying to protect hisself . . . and us." She wasn't loud, but there was pleading in her voice, in her brown eyes, and in her hands that held each other.

The defense attorney, a regular player in scenes such as this, was concerned that his witness was edging closer to irritating the judge. He rose to his feet in an effort to control her with more than just his words.

The assistant district attorney sat back, glancing at his watch again to demonstrate his impatience, despite there being no jury in the box to appreciate his subtle message that the witness was not to be believed and was only wasting everyone's time.

Creative Nonfiction

Wolf Country
by William T. Hathaway
JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming--The wolves have been reprieved. The Federal Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court decision requiring that all transplanted wolves be removed from the Rocky


Casualty in Progress
by Holly Day
Swinging, low angle, I'm drawn into her orbit
arms like clubs buffet the solar winds as we
drift like astronauts into the empty car park
and street lights flicker white nova then die.

by Holly Day
Somber cathedral unseen beneath
the marching feet of men, phosphorous mushrooms, the Candlemas
that lead the blind fish on. I don't know
how many days I've sat here, listening to
the drip of water
nasty water, thick with lime-I'm turning to stone
from the inside out.

by Sara Molloy
Beautiful moments in time
She won't respond
That would be yielding

by Sara Molloy
Warm, well wishes
The image of good-bye
Farewell in your distance
Leaving something
never to exist that way again

by Troy Reeves
"For he knows or frame; he remembers that we are dust,"
                   --Psalms 103:14
Forty years I have worked these yards of skin,
Harvested the fruit of these acres of hide:
Ulcers, bunions, boils, and warts,
Nodules, papules, pustules, and plaques.

by Gary Swaim
It will be in February.
So much is well resolved
in February. Leaves living
deep inside bare limbs
grow into April and beyond.

Donny Does E-mail
by John Rothfork

Note: You should start with the first five poems.

E-poem: thirty-five
ever been ta the picture show
over ta Thalia?

ain't no picture show at Thalia
Dairy Queen is the center of life
how weak is that Donny?

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