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We are pleased to present our tenth issue, published on Monday, August 6, 2001. We hope you enjoy browsing through our fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry!


by Kiersten Marek
Feel like I've been floundering for a while now, without anything to latch onto, Jennifer wrote in her journal. She sat in the secretary's office staring at the wall, relaxing her eyes so that only the Prozac clock stood out in her vision, with its female face angling toward a perennially shining sun. She wondered if she should take Prozac so that she too could bask in its glow. Perhaps then she would not feel so dejected that her freelance writing career was not going anywhere. She wrote, It's driving me crazy that no one responds to my queries. She had sent ten queries on each story idea, and for each of those she had gotten back eight or so rejection forms.

by J. B. Mulligan
"We spend our lives in love and terror," the man on TV says. A tall, attractive man, who looks more like an underwear model than the dangerous smuggler he's playing.

Creative Nonfiction

The Leapfrogging Pool
by Lad Moore
The cool mist of the waterfall surrounded me with its shroud of blue-green fog. My friend was gone--as if swallowed into a demon's salivating mouth. For the first time, I had not been by his side when he reached for my hand. Now everything between us seemed to have been lost, without words spoken.


by Ward Kelley
Prayers once were ships floating upon
seas that comprise the minds of gods,

Felix Culpa
by Doug Tanoury
I walk through an open-air market
On Saturday mornings in the Spring,
As I did with my grandparents as a boy,
And with my father in years before

On The Shore
by Doug Tanoury
At the Mariner's Hospital
The nurses would
Set old sailors in wooden
Wheelchairs right at the water's edge.

Scott Fountain
by Doug Tanoury
There is a renaissance fountain
Of white Italian marble
In a city park. On occasion
I still go there, for it holds
The magic of my childhood.

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