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Volume 6 Number 4

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We are pleased to present the fourth issue of our sixth year, published on Monday, 1 November 2004. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry! (See the Previous Issues list to discover the works in our collection, including the ability to search through the issues.)


by michael john grist
It's a beautiful day already. The sun is up and dawning like a golden rip in the pewter and orange sky, leaking rays of light across the blue ocean and bridge.
Everything is still. It's a beginning, the start of a new day. Strange thing is, everything that matters is already over. The man lies pinioned to the grindstone of the bridge, door heavy over his slack frame, I'm kneeling here beside him, and the kid has gone for coffee and bagels. We're all ready, in our places, but there's nothing left to wait for.

by Tim Millas
"Be still," Reena says. Her hands keep working.
"Sorry," Troy says. That strange shuddering of his shoulders dies down.
"Too rough?" Now she's apologetic, not for hurting him, because she knows she didn't, but for what she has to tell him.
"No. Naw. Hands like velvet. Me."
"Well. You're my prisoner. No running off to Boyd for the next half hour."
"No hour?" Troy doesn't look at her--his face remains planted in the face-hole at the head of the massage table--but to her surprise he tightens his buttocks and they plump up like a flirty grin. Too late, Reena thinks. Yet it's all she can do to not climb on top of him. She reminds herself that her belly would make a real hug impossible.

A Visit to the Artist's Mother
by Thomas Lisk
Notes on Incidental Music
In Christian lands we name the holy day after the sun instead of after Jehovah, and we preserve at midweek the Germanic memory of Woden (Wotan, Odin) while the Germans themselves refer to Woden's Day as Mittwoch. In Spain, Saturday, not Sunday is called Sabato, Sabbath, in keeping with the Jewish rather than the Christian tradition. Anglo-American Saturday is named for the gloomy Roman god of agriculture, Saturn. We have no day named for the Blessed Virgin Mary, for the Father, the Son, or the Holy Ghost, no Matthewsday, Marksday, Lukesday or Maryday. But we do honor the Moon (Monday), the Anglo-Saxon Deity Tiu (Tuesday), the Norse god Thor (Thursday) and goddess Freya (Friday).

Creative Nonfiction

Why We Mate: Wisdom from an African Bush Camp
by A. C. Jerroll
At the Umlani Bush camp in South Africa, George, an Aussie kid who looked to be about fourteen years old, asked me, "Why do we mate?"


Beyond Blue
by Tim Peeler
I listen for the motion
of return in the evening.
The sky, a hushed hidden
gray, slips over starlight.

In Ashe County, NC
by Tim Peeler
Hills are still paved by pasture grass
and the hiss and roar of travel
has not yet blundered the beauty.

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