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Volume 7 Number 1

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We are pleased to present the first issue of our seventh year, published on Monday, 7 February 2005. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry! (See the Previous Issues list to discover the hundreds of works in our collection, including the ability to search through the issues.)



The Crosswalk
by David Wallace
The omelet lay in the pit of his stomach like a brick, and his stomach acids churned at it. Georgia had been at work for an hour now, but Ben still couldn't make himself turn his computer on. He glanced at it several times, even pulled his desk chair out, but instead of hitting the on-button, he lighted another cigarette, and wandered around the apartment.

Fishing Expedition
by Lea Tassie
The final warning letter from the bank arrived one morning in mid- March. I read it right there in the hall, my heart pounding, my lungs desperate for air they couldn't seem to find. If I didn't pay the mortgage arrears within thirty days, the bank would foreclose. It was no good pleading with them; I'd already tried that. I opened the front door, craving fresh air and a quiet place to rack my brains for another solution. Delivering their mail to my boarders could wait.

Resting Place
by Miriam N. Kotzin and Bill Turner
The Queen Anne's Lace had browned and curled to birds' nests. They stood above the beige grasses, the plumes of goldenrod gone gray. The fields of soybeans long ago had turned from green to yellow. Now as Tess drove by, the slant of sun caught in their russet leaves, gilding them. The milkweed pods opened like hungry beaks, their seed flown. She did not feel elderly, though she had been called ma'am three times in the mall.


Creative Nonfiction

City Reborn
by Kevin K. Casey
Kathy is not my girlfriend, and she knows that I am not her boyfriend, but she's from Texas too, and from time to time we act and appear as if we are a couple. Kathy drinks her zinfandel with the sophistication of a savvy black-clad off-work professional, and if you can't hear her twang as she reminisces about Neiman Marcus in Dallas or the Galleria Mall in Houston, you think we're just like the other professional couples in the wine bar of my favorite restaurant just a few blocks from the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. I don't drink wine. I have retained some redneck tendencies, and though I might wear trendy black leather over business casual or just a Brooks Brothers suit as I do tonight, I have held onto some anti-sophisticate sensibilities. So on the counter in front of me rests a pint glass of draught beer and an empty shot glass that once held tequila. Kathy speaks, and one of her hands rests atop mine as she talks about her old sorority.



At Dusk a Man is Shouting
by Fraser Sutherland
around the corner, down the street.
People hear him,
look on from windows or fire escapes.

by Charity Changa
I've seen you with your laden brush hatching away at
canvas until it gives in. You wield it like a knife these days in
nineteen seventy-two. Amid blossoms riotous, bright,
ripe in the light pouring through your slatted straw hat
you're spreading variegated leaves wide in the sun.

Losing Ones' Ways On The Waters
by Daniel Gallik
When I first went fishing
I lost my way in the woods.
Ef was talking to his new
Polly, a girl he met while
doing her lawn. Ef almost

by Diane Hueter
Tugging on her sleeve and whispering,
I tell Nana the neighbor's barn is on fire.

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