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Volume 7 Number 2

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We are pleased to present the second issue of our seventh year, published on Monday, 2 May 2005. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry! (See the Previous Issues list to discover the works in our collection, including the ability to search through the issues.)



A Better Place
by Rita Kasperek
Florence Greenwald woke up on Christmas Day with a pain she hadn't felt for thirty-some-odd years. The sharp, continuous ache shimmied up her arm from the tip of her left index finger, looped over her shoulder and circled under her armpit like a mountaineering rope until it rested, coiled, at the base of her neck.

Common Ground
by Allen Long
As we approached the bend with the invisible black ice that killed our seventeen-year-old daughter almost a year earlier, my wife, Susan, stirred herself awake. We were returning to our small farm in Troutville after spending Sunday evening with Susan's parents in Roanoke. The road was dark and empty, and early February snow swirled in our headlights and across the windshield.

Hash Brown Potatoes
by Irving A. Greenfield
"Let's meet," he said in the breathy, raspy voice that I remembered, and I agreed. Mainly for what is often explained as for old times’ sake, which is another way saying out of curiosity. So that curiosity put me at a table opposite Nick in Cal's, a restaurant on West Twenty-second Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Remembering how cheap he was, I had purposefully chosen Cal's. It was on the pricey side and in Manhattan, where, even when I had known him, he was reluctant to go.


Creative Nonfiction

Three Days At Risk
by Rebecca Johnson
These kids wear their anger like a red badge of courage. They trust no one. Not even those they let in. And they won't let you in. Not until you prove yourself worthy. They are easily distracted -- sometimes from hunger, sometimes from lack of sleep and sometimes from trouble with the law. A few of them live with parents or a sister or an aunt. Others stay with friends, try to keep off the streets. Many have no morals or self respect and the world they live in expects them to fail. They've been shuffled through the system for eight years, but the bus stops here, in ninth grade. No social promotions. It's a pass or fail situation.



And Now
by Jonathan Hayes
i stand
like my mother's husband
halfnaked with towel
wrapped around waist

by Marianne LaValle-Vincent
His memory runs through my mind
Every now and again
When I am vulnerable or

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