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Volume 9 Number 3


Can You See Lois Gardening?   by A. S. King
What harm am I doing? More money than God, they have--and it's only dirt I'm taking, roots and leaves and dirt is all. I'm not in their top-drawer jewels or their Jaguar convertibles. I haven't kidnapped their daughter or dog or mother-in-law. It's simple. I just want more beauty in my life. continue

The Climb   by Louisa Howerow
If there were other tourists climbing the face of the Mayan pyramid, Harold was not aware of them. His eyes were on the steps, slabs of limestone precisely carved and fitted together. They seemed both too narrow and too high, so that his feet were never solidly planted and his knees were constantly raised. continue

Hard Rain   by Catherine J. S. Lee
By the time I was dropped into Viet Nam, I figured I'd learned everything I needed to know on the streets of Newark. I'm not talking about your basic-training shit here, or my river patrol job in what we called the "brown-water" Navy. I mean I was sure I was going to survive because I knew how to lay low, stay cool, sense a trap better than a streetwise rat, and keep the engines running. There was a time I was certain I could tell a friend from an enemy, too--maybe the most useful survival skill of all--but that was before one day on the river shattered everything I thought I knew. continue

Lily   by Anne Leigh Parrish
It occurred to Neil that his daughter, Lily, had been away a long time. That just wasn't like her. She seldom went out, and when she did she returned within an hour. She'd been gone for three. continue

Romance   by Irving A. Greenfield
Harry was in love with her again from the moment he heard her voice: dark and smoky like something forbidden, a witch's voice. "That Old Black Magic that you weave so well . . ." The words stayed in the back of his mind mixed with images, oh so many images, more vivid than any digital photographs from some more recent day. continue


Creative Nonfiction

Prayers of the Elder   by Eric Freedman
She sells papaya in halves and quarters on a diesel-choked, New Delhi street. The heat smacks hard as she labors to fill the belly of her skeleton frame, maybe bring some sugary laddoos to her many grandchildren. continue

The Prize   by Patricia Hilborn
Rain had turned the day grey. No way to avoid the puddles. And no place to park. Worse, an unhappy line of people, four and five deep, snaked its way out of the bookstore, down the sidewalk, past the full parking lot, across a side street and down a hill, almost to the freeway exit. Some held umbrellas, others pulled hoodies low on their foreheads, tucking hands into pockets. continue



Change of Life   by Anne Whitehouse
On an early spring day
as mutable as youth and age,
swimming ducks cross the ripples
lifted by wind blowing over a pond,
and around the perimeter circles
a child on a fire-engine-red
bicycle, taking his first ride
with training wheels. continue

Livy's Horses   by Anne Whitehouse
"I had one true love,
And I lost him.
He left me for Jana.
She did me a favor;
He and I couldn't live together;
We would have destroyed each other. continue

Eating Out Alone   by Leland Jamieson
(In a bit of a hurry in a New York City hotel dining room,
on a business trip. Entrée: Pork Chops.) continue

Neighborly Bonhomie   by Leland Jamieson
Few things are keener than the scent of skunk,
can bore in deeper than a cobbler's awl,
can fly up nose and sinus with the thunk
of razor-tipped long arrow - bow and all. continue

The Guilt of Sight   by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
It is a simple wish
made in a moment, curiosity
driving desire to see just one,
a motionless blue jay. continue

Slips of the Soul   by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
There are souls of this earth
who die without ritual,
without transcendence; continue

I Feel Like   by Ayo Ademokun
I feel like a palm wine drunkard
Your love makes me strong continue

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